Sunday, November 2, 2008

Healthy Chicken Macaroni Soup

I was packing my room - a long overdue task I had to do - and came across old recipes which I thought I had to keep before throwing the bits and pieces of paper away. But instead of 'keeping' it as it was already yellow, I would blog it. I haven't tried this recipe myself though.

3 ltrs of water
1 slice ginger
1 clove garlic
1 small chicken (about 1.2kg)
salt to taste
500g macaroni


Fried shallots
Fresh coriander leaves
White pepper

1. Bring half the water to boil in a large pot. Submerge chicken in it. When water returns to a boil, partially cover and simmer steadily for 15min then cover tightly and switch off heat. Stand 30min.

2. Transfer chicken to a plate and let cool slightly. Discard skin ad peel meat from bones. Shred meat finely and set aside.

3. Return bones to the pot with ginger, garlic and remaining water then partially cover and simmer for 30min. Season with salt to taste.

4. Cook macaroni. Divide shredded chicken meat between indivdual bowls and ladle soup over. Serve with garnishes.

To make croutons

1. Trim crusts off slightly stale pieces of white bread and cut into small cubes. Heat 1/2cm of oil in a small frying pan ovr medium heat. When hot, add cubes and fry, stirring constantly until brown. Drain on kitchen paper and store airtight until serving time.


Let's masak said...

No photo to share??

I notice you have linked me up in your blog, thank you. :) However, the link is actually not my blog, it has linked to the website I created the blinking word. Can you check and try to link up again?

Missy said...

no cos i havent got time to try this yet :P

sure will check on the link again.. havent got time lately :P