Thursday, June 30, 2011

My other pictures - totally unrelated :)

Hi folks.. here are some of my other pre wedding and wedding shots :)

Totally not related to my blog, but just want to share before I start on my culinary posts.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Avalanche of events

Sorry folks, I have been lagging in my posts and neglecting my blog. This is not usual cos I just got married in May! Here's a sneak preview of my pre wedding shoot to those who still log into my blog :)

The shoot was taken in Perth in Sept last year, which explains for my very delayed telecast of my bakes. Lots of planning and effort went to choosing the studio and preparing the necessary logistics for the Perth shoot. We had to coordinate with our parents who went along with us as well. It was fun but tiring. The weather was cool and sometimes very chilly depending on where we went. It was a fun experience I must say. It was all worth it and I love most of the photos.

Then after that, with actual day wedding and a house to tackle, it is no joke that I dont even have time to have a decent sleep. Let alone my blog. The house reno was a massive job, even more massive than the wedding prep. The actual day wedding activities went quite smoothly and the dinner was the smoothest and fastest I've ever seen!

And right after the wedding was our honeymoon. It was like a avanlanche of events that took place. I can't keep the sense of balance.. I hardly had the time to breathe and before I knew it, I was back at work and plouging through my 3 weeks' due of work.

In my new matrimonial home, I have myself a built-in TECNO oven which I've not fully explored, a microwave oven an a refrigerator that has an ice water dispenser. I love my kitchen - it's the best part of my house, at least to me. Alot of effort and time were spent again on kitchen and home appliances. Doing research is no joke esp when you have a wedding in place. Every weekend was spend in Harvey Norman, furniture shops and Mustafa. We had to suss for the best deals, and realised sometimes they were not the best. We had to coordinate with our ID guys very closely and it was a nightmare to do a major house reno when we were having a wedding soon and we both hold full time jobs. Anyway my kitchen is themed in white, with orange glass panel which I can scribble on for my last min grocery shopping. As it is mainly white, it takes abit more effort to do the cleaning esp with my strands of hair all over the place. It can get quite frustrating at times, when the winds so strong in the East.

I will try to snap more photos, along with my new bakes and recipes in my next update.
Stay tuned!