Friday, August 21, 2009

Huff and Puff

I was prepping myself for a puffy day gathering again. Instead of nice sweet custard puff with mixed fruits, my puff ended very wrongly with yoghurt instead. It wasn't an easy task making custard. I tried twice boiling it with milk but it failed. It got all burnt and solid. With the mixed fruits already prepared, I then had to mix it with yoghurt and down it into the puffs with a slit on top. This is how it looks:

fresh from the oven

For those who wish to try a fruit puff, you have a make a good custard to create a 'base' so the fruits can stand in it. Top it with sliced kiwifruit and strawberries, or raspberries. Dust the top with icing sugar and it's good to go. Well, if you don't have prawns, have shrimps instead and make the best out of it :)

Who says desserts can't be healthy?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vegetarian Pasta

I had too much meat and heavy stuff over the week. It's time to take something light and detox a little. Now I've begun to abstain from meat (and I mean poultry and seafood) completely for about 1 or 2 days a week for health reasons. That includes breakfast, which means no tuna nor sardines nor steam pork buns. I also try to cut down on my carbo intake to maintain a healthy diet. Not sure how this would work in the long run, but I guess reduction of fat in meat is a good way to start, coupled with some exercises along the way.

Urged by the desperate need to lose some weight, I bought the Borges Extra Light Olive Oil and cooked myself a Vegetarian Pasta dish on Saturday. I got together some:

Swiss Brown mushrooms (sliced)
Asparagus (cut into smaller lengths)
Small sweet corn (cut)
Carrots (sliced)

I cooked the mushrooms and the vegetables separately as I took longer time to cook the asparagus, corn and carrots completely. Fry the vegetables with garlic and olive oil and let it simmer for a while then add in the cooked mushrooms. Add a pinch of salt.

Cook a portion of Penne (for one serving) then stir fry a little while together with the vegetables. Add more olive oil if desired. Add a dash of salt and pepper and I seasoned it with some Oregano powder.

Voila! A healthy and tasty Vegetarian Pasta dish that takes only takes <30min.