Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ngoh Hiang

This is one of my favourite dish but it's alot of hard work. You should dedicate your time to making this dish as there are several steps to follow. This version is from my mom who puts in alot of effort and I'm learning the ropes because it tastes so good that I have to try. I always tell myself there is no short cut to anything. I believe that if you want to truly enjoy good food, you have to be patient, and work towards perfecting it :D

Sorry folks, it's a sought after item in the house that I didn't manage to take close up and cross sectional shots :D

Ngoh Hiang is one of the Hokkein dish that is made up of mainly minced pork and water chestnut then wrapped in beancurd skin. Frying the skin gives the salty crispy texture.

Here is a guestimation of what I did for my family lunch for 6 today.

Some minced pork - roughly about 400g
Beancurd sheet - need to be wiped thoroughly as it contains alot of sodium
About 3-5 prawns - deshelled and deveined - chopped

3 Water chestnuts - washed, peeled and chopped
1/2 egg - beaten
Seasoning - sesame oil, pepper, salt, 5 spice powder
Oil for frying

1. Mix minced pork with chopped water chestnut and prawn

2. Add half an egg mixture to the meat (so the content becomes smooth and not crumbly). Mix.

3. Add seasoning and mix well

4. Cut the beancurd sheet into rectangle shapes and fill a tbsp of minced pork into the sheet

5. Line them in a row then row the sheet

6. Line the end of each roll with some egg so it sticks together well

7. Steam all the ngoh hiang till meat is cooked, and colour of beancurd sheet turns lighter

8. Dap dry before frying them in hot oil

9. Turn the sides to ensure they are thoroughly cooked

10. Serve when hot.

This goes well with sweet sauce or Thai sweet chilli sauce.