Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee Cake

This is one of my favourite cake. It is easy to bake and the aroma of the coffee just brings you to a totally different realm! I am a non-coffee drinker, but this coffee cake is simply too delicious to be missed. It has a rich butter flavour but the coffee aroma is of the right amount that is not too overpowering nor bland. You should try it. Good with a cup of tea in the afternoon....

195g softened butter
125g soft brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tbsp coffee (I use 3 in 1 instant coffee powder)
155g self raising flour, sifted
100ml milk

To Make Coffee Topping: 125g icing sugar

Pre heat oven to 150deg C
Beat 185g of butter and brown sugar with electric beater till light and creamy
Add eggs a little at a time and mix well
Add in 4 tsp of coffee
Fold in flour and salt, alternating with milk into creamed mixture
Spoon evenly into trays and bake for 30min


To make coffee topping, combine the remaining butter and coffee, with the icing sugar and 1 1.5 tbsp boiling water in a small bowl
Spread a little icing over until evenly covered

As you can see, I opted for sprinkling of cocoa powder and a little icing sugar instead :)

Adapted from Cakes & Slices