Saturday, January 23, 2010

My SPAM sandwich

After a tiring kickboxing, I was cautious on what I eat. I went to my kb class on an empty stomach and came back on an even emptier stomach. With some leftover SPAM turkey ham, I bought myself a loaf of focaccia bread, along with some sliced button mushroom and iceberg lettuce. I resisted buying the Narcissus brand of ham produced in China after all the bad publicity and reviews on made-in-china products. Canned ham/luncheon meat remains one of my weakness :) Hence, SPAM, made in USA, is my next best alternative. Though my sandwich is not exactly very healthy, it beats eating rice or noodles right after a gruelling kickboxing session.

It only took me 8 min to prepare - slicing some lettuce, pan fry the SPAM turkey ham, and pan fry the button mushroom with some herbs and salt, and sandwich them together. It was a simple but delightful meal! For better taste and texture, you may add some pepper and toast the bread lightly.

Verdict: Simply yummy and delicious!


Happy Homebaker said...

Who doesn't like luncheon meant?! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful quick meal...I like the pairing of mushrooms with SPAM, will love to make this for lunch, I am sure my kids will like it :D

Missy said...

Yeah Yeah ive always loved luncheon meat ;)

and it's quick and easy to prepare. im sure your kids will love it.. along with some slice cheese or tomatoes :)

Passionate About Baking said...

Ooh! I love SPAM too! However, I'm trying to cut down on processed food if possible. But seriously, I still love SPAM! ;) Thanks for sharing.

Cook.Bake.Love said...

I am sure this tastes better than Sxxway, hehe. Btw, I am also a sandwich lover since young.

Missy said...

Passionate about Baking: yeah im cutting down too cos of too high sodium content.. but nevertheless it tastes very yummy

Cook Bake Love: ah ha! but i also eat Sxxway every now and then! haha.. i just love sandwiches.