Saturday, February 6, 2010

Non stop feasting

It was non stop feasting that began from Xmas 2009 right through to the coming CNY. It began with turkey, chocolates, fruit cakes, Xmas dinners in 2009. Come 2010, there was my nephew's 3 year old birthday gathering, my thirty something birthday on 1 February, the coming V Day, 2 days of CNY, my 2nd nephew 1 month baby shower celebrations and ** birthday at the end of Feb! The feasting never stops and my body has to work extra hard to burn off all the excess calories and fats!

With so many festivities and exciting activities happening lately let me pen them down one by one and keep everyone updated. Pictures are not very well taken from my iphone. But it sure captures the essence of the subject sufficient to be described as point of reference here.

Sweet Surprise
First I'm glad my follower list on my humble little blog grew from a single digit to a 14 number hit today. Sometimes I really wonder who these people are as they don't leave behind any comments. Whoever you are, thank you! And for those who leave comments, nothing makes me happier than seeing a positive lovely comment posted for my product, which sometimes look like a failure! And still having many more followers each time I check my blog.

Sweet Bird Day
I had a wonderful and splendid birthday with many of my close friends and family. For a start, I had Chinese food at The Majestic. The waiting time at Da Hua is terribly long. The food is great, but comes with a high price tag. The wasabi prawn is to die for! yum yum. And the tofu is not bad either. It's soft and 'melt in your mouth'

(wasabi prawn)

For my birthday family dinner, my mom did a cold dish platter like what you get at Chinese restaurants at weddings. It's not too bad, but just a tad too oily.

(spring rolls, fried egg with crab meat, ngoh hiang, roast pork, mayo prawn)

At a gathering with some close friends, I had dessert at 1 Caramel. They have a wide assortment of tea, some of which are rather refreshing. Their range of cakes is awesome! The cakes are displayed on the tall glass display shelves and you will be standing at the shelves for a good 5-8 min thinking and choosing on what cake to eat. I tried the green tea red bean cake and lychee kiss. I prefer the lychee kiss for its sweet lychee flavour and light cake texture. :)

(Verdict: too many cakes to choose from and try from just one visit!)

On the actual day of my birthday, I had a nice dinner at Ember at Hotel 1929. It's fine dining. I had the seabass which was yummy. It is not too heavy on my stomach but a little salty on the seasoning. The veal wasn't too bad either, but the colour just looked so raw. On my birthday I received a pleasant surprise with a cake delivered to my office from one of my vendors. I gladly shared with all my colleagues, on top of a coffee cake I baked and shared with them earlier in the day! A greater surprise came when ** baked a brownie for me with a candle on it. (99 marks for first attempt and effort but 49 marks for edibility)

Sweet Wang (Prosperous in Chinese)
This is my 2nd year of pineapple tart baking for CNY. Chinese eat Pineapple Tarts during CNY for prosperity reasons. This time, I managed to convince a galfriend of mine to place some orders from me. I charged a little friendship price :) This is how it looks for the 2 different shapes made, with some effort from my 2 colleagues who happened to come over, my maid and mother!

Not very pro and perfect, but each piece comes baked with love and tenderness.

Verdict: priceless

That's all and Happy New Year folks! Happy feasting.


Small Small Baker said...

Happy belated birthday! You are so lucky to have all the good food with the people close to you. And the pineapple tarts look great too. Wish you a Happy Tiger Year! :)

Missy said...

HI SSB thank you so much! It's great to celebrate birthdays with few close friends.. just chit chatting over some nice food and desserts. It really makes your day!

And happy year of Tiger too!

Aimei said...

Happy belated birthday Missy! Yeah I agree its a time of feasting during this two months period. My birthday falls in Feb also, but its at the end of Feb. :D

Your pineapple tarts are lovely. Happy Tiger Year!

Missy said...

wow that makes us aquarius babies! this mth is really full of feasting and loading of calories :)

anyhow enjoy ur festive holidays and happy birthday too! have a blast

Junglefrog said...

Haha... lots of aquarius people around here... It is my birthday today...
Happy belated birthday too Missy and well that food all looks delicious!

Missy said...

happy birthday simone!! enjoy ur hatch day!