Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chinese Pear with White Fungus Dessert

People around me have been sniffing, coughing and sneezing. With the crazy weather and climate going on, it's good to have Chinese dessert once in a while to 'cool' your body heat. I have never understood the terms 'heaty' or 'cooling' in Chinese medicine but I think the symtoms really show when you are feeling 'heaty'. You'll get ulcers, constipation, sore throat, fever etc. So things that are really heaty are longans, mango, durians and fried foods..

I came across this interesting recipe in the Sunday Lifestyle food section. I never miss a day of this as it contains full of food reviews on places to pig out, what to cook, how to cook and tips on cooking disasters. The original recipe calls for Osmanthus flower (gui hua) but I couldn't get it at 2 of the medical shops in my area. I proceeded with what I could find and got myself a pot of cooling and refreshing Chinese Pear with White Fungus dessert. I'm a bit lazy to follow the recipe provided, so here's my very own version. It can be served hot, whilst some might like it chilled.

Ingredients (for 4-6 servings)

800ml water
20g apricot seeds
60g red dates
75g yellow rock sugar
1 Chinese pear. cut into wedges with core removed
Half of a fungus, soaked in hot water and cut into pieces when expanded

1. Boil the water with apricot seeds and red dates
2. When water has boiled, add in fungus and pear and leave to boil
3. Add in rock sugar and stir
4. Leave to simmer for about 1 -1.5 hr till pear has softned and the soup has a sweet taste
5. Add more water if desired

Ready to serve!


Cook.Bake.Love said...

What a coincident, I had white fungus desset yesterday. I like white fungus dessert a lot....somes says it's 'bird nest of poor people', haha.

Just my suggestion, you may add the rock sugar at the end when dessert is ready. I was told that when cooking dessert, sugar should add at last. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Missy said...

Ooo ok im not sure sometimes i add in early sometimes later.. :) but doesnt matter as long as the taste is right heee

Cook.Bake.Love said...


There is a reason for adding sugar later...maybe some master here can enlighten us. Hehe.

Missy said...

alritey... lets see ... :P

Junglefrog said...

I am not sure I would be able to get all the ingredients here but it sure looks delicious!

Missy said...

its nice sweet and refreshing. u can get them in Chinatown i bet. :P

Anonymous said...

hey joan.. i happen to have a big container of gui hua.. i can give u some.. cheers, felicia

Missy said...

cool felicia! but my collg also has alot of extras..she will pass me some. :P its ok thanks anyway!!

faith said...

Yes, soem medicinal shops here do say that if you add rock sugar, (which is supposed to be cooling) too early, it loses its cooling effect , hence better to add in at the end for rock sugar, but i think if it is normal sugar, it should be ok as and when:)
hope this helps...

Missy said...

ooh i tot they are the same! and it doesnt matter if it comes in earlier or later...

thanks for ur advice