Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chinese Huat Kuay

Huat Kuay (Fa Gao) is not a common favourite among the youngsters these days. It is actually a cake made to rise by steaming it and usually enjoyed by the elderly folks, or at certain times, offered with prayers to the Chinese Gods. (but it can still be eaten after prayers)

This is a recipe originated in traditional Chinese and my mom is attempting to steam it for Sunday. So I'm trying my very best to have it translated as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, it is a simple cake that can be prepared within minutes.

All you need:

250g self raising flour (sifted)
175g orange sugar
300g water
2 pandan leaves

1 Bring water and pandan leaves to boil. Add in sugar and stir.
2 After cooled, remove pandan leaves
3 Pour in self raising flour into mixture and stir will well combined
4 Add water if desired till mixture is smooth
5 Pour batter into cups and steam for 20 min (do not attempt to remove the cover or it will not rise)

I tweaked the recipe a little today as the previous recipe was quite a guestimation with hands-on based on a Chinese recipe. I tried again today and here is the revised one. Hope it helps

(as of 2 Nov)


grub said...

I loved these since I was little girl! Still love them now as a teenager of 16 years :) I've only eaten the pink and yellow ones though.

Too bad I don't see them around here in Australia. Maybe I should try make it :P

Missy said...

This is a recipe given by my mom and she used alot of guesstimation in adding water. Let me know if this has to be improved :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to try to make these traditional cakes.
But how can i measure "a bowl of water" ???
IS there a exact volume ?

Thanks for your lovely postings and recipes.

Missy said...

Hi Anonymous i would guess its a typical chinese bowl (which i havent got the exact measurement) but I think Chinese rice bowl sizes dont really vary alot

hope it helps :S


Cook.Bake.Love said...

Hi Missy,

Ur huat kueh really looks good!!! I'd like to try a gula melaka version since I still have some gula melaka.

Btw, in step 4 - add water as desired....may I know how shall the final batter look like? Smooth and runny or sticky? I am afraid of overmixing.

Missy said...

The final batter shuld be smooth :) and u can also use gula melaka as well...

grub said...

hi missy,

is the 1 bowl of water the amount you use for step 1 and 4?


Missy said...

apparently so, but I added a bit of water here and there, based on some guestimation. but this was what was given and adhered most of the time.

grub said...

hi missy,

i finally had the chance to make these today :)

they were really yummy! but mine didn't have the crack on top. maybe i mix the dough to much ;)


Missy said...

or maybe you didnt leave it to steam long enough? and must make sure you use self raising flour. and do not open the lid when its still steaming :)

glad u like it!

grub said...

i probably didn't steam long enough. i put the dough in patty pans and steamed at around 12 minutes, since i thought smaller ones require less steaming time.

thanks for your help!