Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9 Layer Cake

I guess this is an all-time favourite of many Singaporeans. And we defintely enjoy eating it layer by layer, peeling it with much enthusiasm. It is one of my favourite local kueh - the best from Bengawan Solo so far. But of course I can't reach that standard, so I have to make do with my version that is not so nicely presented and cut.

All you need:
7 inch sq baking tin
50g sifted rice flour
120g sifted green bean flour
220g sifted tapioca flour
300ml thick coconut milk (I use trim coconut milk)
150ml water
few drops of food colouring (5)

420g sifted icing sugar
300ml thick coconut milk (trim)
150ml water

1. Mix seasoning together and bring to boil. When bubbles form, remove and set aside.
2. Combine all ingredients except colouring in a bowl. Stir till mixture is smooth.
3. Stir in seasing from 1 and divide into 5 separate bowls.
4. Add in a few drops of each colouring in each bowl.
5. Grease and line tin with greaseproof paper and steam for 5 min.
6. Pour in half batter of one colour into tin and steam for 5 min.
7. Repeat the process till all colours are layered in the tin.
8. Finally steam for 15min when all colours are in.
9. Remove and let cool. Cut (with clingwrap) and serve.

(Source: Local Kueh)


Cook.Bake.Love said...

Hi Missy,

I am Angela from Multiply (Let's masak).

I have just started a new food blog 'Cook.Bake.Love' in Blogger and have linked you up.

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Olivia said...

Hi Missy
Great kueh. I like the colour.


Missy said...

Angela: Tks! Will link u up!

Olivia: tks but wasnt easy to cut.. too sticky