Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roland crabs

Chilli crabs are touted to be every Singaporean's favourite, one of the Uniquely Singaporean dish. It is also believed to have started as early as 1950s! I'm not sure of this and I can't verify  that. But what I can be sure of is my trip to Roland wasn't a wasted one. In fact, it is a well worth trip!

I first patronised the restaurant during the CNY period with my family and grand mother-in-law who loves crab, and had cravings for crab. I went without a high expectation, and I was pleasantly surprised on the taste and quality of their chilli crabs. What I like about their crabs is the rich texture and taste of the gravy. Many chilli crabs that I've eaten are either too dry, too spicy, or too diluted/watery. The crabs at Roland gave me a whole new perspective on chili crabs. The gravy was very tasty and I couldn't get enough of the fried man tou (Chinese buns) dipped in the delicious and generous portion of the gravy. The gravy is thick and yummy.

Just some weeks back when one of my colleague was leaving the company, a few of us decided to buy her a farewell dinner at Roland. It was everyone's maiden trip to Roland except for myself. Of course the chilli crab order was a must. Good that everyone loved it. Apart from the other dishes of vegetables and crispy fried squid (which is also good by the way), we ordered another crab - Salted Egg Yolk with Yam. My impression of a salted egg yolk crab is it is sticky, thick and something that I will not clamour for more because of the flavourful and rich gravy. You will get tired after the first or second bite.

However to our surprise, the dish was prepared dry. It is a tad too oily, but the taste of the salted egg yolk isn't too overpowering and makes you want to have more! What's interesting is the yam sticks are deep fried to make it very crispy like a snack. It is thinly cut, so you don't get too tired of eating them. It also goes well with the flavoured crab that is not too rich in flavour. The taste of the whole dish is very well balanced. But be warned. It can get quite addictive!

For the kind of calories, fats and cholesterol that we had to put up for that night, I must say it is well worth it!

For folks who might be interested, here is the contact info:

Roland Restaurant Pte Ltd, Block 89, Marine Parade Central, # 06 - 750 Singapore 440089

Email: sales@RolandRestaurant.com.sg
Tel: 6440 8205

Operation Hours :
Weekdays - Monday to Saturday
Lunch : 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Last Order
Dinner : 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm Last Order

Sundays & Public Holidays :
Lunch : 11:00 am to 2:30 pm Last Order
Dinner : 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm Last Order


Zoe said...

Thanks for your recommendation! I will be heading to this place when I'm back to Singapore for holidays! I'm drooling looking at all your photos :D

Love to be back for more of your cooking and food recommendations. I'm your latest follower :D

Missy said...

Hi Zoe

Thanks for dropping by. I've been very slack in updating my blog.

Will def make it a pt to update it regularly!

and rem to try our local chili crabs when you are in town :)

XueQi said...


Can i ask roughly how much the crabs were priced at??

Missy said...

HI it was about $50 per crab.. could be more depending on weight.