Friday, April 2, 2010

From Down Under

An old friend of mine who has been living in the Oz came back to town for the CNY holidays. He surprised me with some gifts from Oz - Self Raising Flour and Plain Flour! This is something I would have never expected! Knowing that I bake alot and he was soon running out of ideas while walking along the aisles in the supermarket, he figured this was the most apt for me :)

I remember I once bought a galfriend of mine an instant muffin mix and a muffin baking tray for her birthday. She got all excited! I figured that buying baking stuff for galfriends are the most fun and appropriate things! I'm sure they will love it! (as long as they have an oven) Otherwise a good easy to follow recipe book on chocolate cake would do the job!

Thanks J!

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