Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where passion for food comes alive

I become very envious when someone's passion for food comes alive by opening sandwich chain after sandwich chain, and eventually a food cafe.

I've always wanted to open a cafe of my own, but I'm a risk averse person. I always stick to my own comfort zone and do what I think I'm comfortable with although my dream of opening my own cafe has been in the air for over 10 years since my polytechnic days. My idea is simple and executable, but I have low ambition and determination to make it really happen.
One fine day my very entrepreneurial friend decides to open a cafe of his own, along with a few others. I was invited to help take pictures of their food for the cafe. I wasn't sure if I was up to the job with my humble little camera, but the end product turned out positive, which made everyone very happy. I was happy too with the result as I upgraded my lens specially for this food photography.

Top: Seafood spaghetti and salmon scramble

Here are some snapshots of what I took, which they are selling at a tertiary institution in the north.

3 types of pies

Cream of Mushroom Soup


Beef Bolognaise Linguine


Breakfast Set


Italian Soda

Lychee Freeze

Hope you have enjoyed the visual treat :) and do pop by if you wish to try the food


grub said...

impressive photography! mmm the pasta dishes looks to tempting.

i too want to open a food cafe, nothing big, just a small cafe (even a renovated garage area would do) with comfortable seating serving sweet treats. maybe one day.

i'm sure you will do well if you open your own cafe! good luck!

Aimei said...

The food looks good, especially the mushroom soup, of course without your photographgy, it won't look that good ;)

I had also been wanting to bring my hobby to a bigger step but I will just lament that I haave no time and not dare to even have this thought. I believe everyone who suceeds had their hard work paid off so I can only dream until a time I decide to just go all out for it :)

Missy said...

HI Aimei, like you. I also dream but never get to it. I dont have the time and money to do it.. so i continue to dream till this dresm finally materialise one day, or die off :P

Anonymous said...

great shots of yummy food..
my dream is to open a private kitchen in my house!! but my cooking skills... haiz...

Missy said...

mine too but somehow it doesnt happen :S

Junglefrog said...

Well done Missy! That looks very impressive and I am sure your friends have been thrilled with the results!