Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuna Sandwich

I know this is a no brainer and a cheater's recipe.. but sometimes a simple tuna sandwich is all I want for lunch.

All I gathered were just gardenia foccacia bread, some lettuce, sliced tomatoes and a can of tuna! For the tuna mix, I add some pepper and low fat mayonnaise (which I know is totally lost in this picture here..) I added a bit of broccoli that is cut into small pieces and mixed into the tuna. You can add some olive oil as an alternative to mayonnaise.

If you wish you can toast the bread lightly for the crispiness.
The end product is wholesome and yummy! and I love sandwiches :)


Aimei said...

This is one of my favourite meal anytime of the day. Simple sandwiches. In fact I feel so satisfied after having eaten a healthy sandwich than any other meals. :)

Kitchen Corner said...

I love sandwich, I can have it all times! This one looks good for me!

Happy Homebaker said...

I can eat a sub everyday, never get tired of it. Yes, toasting the bread a little makes it so fragrant and taste even better.

Missy said...

Yes sometimes a simple but good sandwich is all we need .... thanks everyone!