Thursday, July 1, 2010

Repeat Telecast

I had set my mind to do a Blueberry Cake that day. To my disappointment, my trip to Phoon Huat was quite wasted. They didn't carry wholemeal flour which was required in the recipe. And the nearby Shop & Save didn't carry blueberries. How bad can that get?

Already in the mood to bake, I decided on a Pandan Chiffon Cake. It is a 'repeated telecast' as I had previously baked this before. This time, instead of using trim coconut milk in the Ayam brand UHT pack, I used the original coconut milk with full fat instead. The outcome was quite pleasant with a stronger aroma and richer taste. The recipe can be found here in my previous Pandan Chiffon Cake entry.

I didn't save the cake in time and my cutting method distorted the beauty of the cake. Anyhow here's the outcome..

can you smell it??


edith said...

sometime i wonder whether if i just use milk will it alter the texture of this cake. I love pandan but I don't like the taste of coconut.

Missy said...

actually coconut milk is thicker in texture than the ordinary milk so they are mutually exclusive. and coconut milk gives it the aroma .. but u can try milk and see which suits u better?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Missy, the wholemeal flour is kept in the fridge at Phoon Huat, together with the whipping cream. I have yet to find a pandan chiffon cake recipe that suits my small chiffon pan. Most recipes are meant for 20cm pans or bigger :(

Missy said...

OOO thanks for telling me. no wonder i cant find it.. why do they store it in the fridge??

i bought too big a pan that i have to x 1.5 of the usual recipe for my chiffon cake. im looking for a smaller one so i can avoid having to x 1.5 for each and every item. makes my baking so troublesome ;S