Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thai Olive Fried Rice

I had attempted a Thai Olive Fried Rice before but this one is cooked using organic brown rice. I dont usually include brown rice in my diet but since I had a packet of organic brown rice sitting in the kitchen, I took it one day to try...

Here's the stuff required for a simple and good yummy meal. I have not indicated the quantity as it was only for one person's serving. However it can be largey based on guesstimation:

Dried shrimps - chopped (around 2 tbsp)
Mince chicken
Olive (Chinese olives from the supermarkets)
Egg (1)
Shrimps - about 4-5 small to medium size
Organic brown rice (about 1 cup for 1-2 persons to share) - cooked and set aside
Chopped garlic
Fish sauce and pepper

Boil shrimps till they turn red. Drain when cooked and put in cold water, then drain again
Fry the garlic and dried shrimps in olive oil
Add in the mince chicken and fry till thoroughly cooked. Set aside in the wok
Fry egg till thoroughly broken/cooked
Fry the dried shrimps, rice and boiled shrimps. Add in the bottled olive (pitted)
Add in (about 1 - 1.5 tbsp) fish sauce and pepper. Mix and fry thoroughly
Drizzle with pork floss if desired


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