Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amaretti Cookies

Went to Kar Mun's place to bake on Saturday. Wanted to bake Carrot Cake (with cream cheese frosting on top) but felt very lazy. So I decided to bake an easy one.. Amaretti Cookies and Oreo Sponge Cake. Looks quite different from the original source :P My Amaretti Cookies didn't seem to turn out well. I'm not even sure if I got it right as the recipe required a food processor to mill it.. I only whisked it :P I dont really like my end product but Kar Mun and family were ok with it.

I consider this my failed attempt.


Kar Mun said...

I loved it! Ryan & my hubby loves it too, it's chewy on the inside & crispy on the outside :)

g. said...

So deliciiious!

Missy said...

Thanks G! but it was hard as a rock heheh