Friday, July 31, 2015

Banana Ogura Cake

There is an ogura cake frenzy going on in one of the home cooking forums on FB. Irresistible cake photos have finally lured me to the kitchen to bake one today.

 Marshmallow looking egg white meringue

Submitting to the ogura cake frenzy, I put together the following, adapting from Jeannie Tay's blog at I made some minor adaptations and the recipe below are my final adaptations.

60g vegetable oil
100 g mashed bananas (about one Del Monte banana)
Pinch of salt
80g top flour (Any plain flour will do)

5 egg whites
70g sugar

Whisk egg yolks with egg and oil till well mixed
Add in mashed bananas (I used 10g more of banana and reduced 10g of sugar from original recipe)
Fold in sifted flour with salt and mix batter well
Using electric mixer, whisk egg whites and add sugar. Whisk till stiff
Mix 1/3 of egg white meringue into yolk mixture using whisk, followed by another third and remaining meringue using spatula
Pour batter into lined tin with water bath below and bake at 170 deg C for 70 min

What I enjoy about baking this cake is it doesn't involve butter. Butter is often a hassle to handle as some recipes call for softened butter, which means thawing the frozen butter for a couple of hours prior to preparation. Butter is also a greasy affair which I want to avoid in my kitchen. It just means too any utensils and crockery to wash. Besides, using vegetable oil seems a little healthier.